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The Arts

The range of Arts at Belfast School include:

Visual Arts

Children are provided with opportunities to experiment with different materials and processes to create and understand different forms/types of visual art. There will also be opportunities to learn about different artists and art within cultures.


In class the children have opportunities to make, share and respond to music. We have a range of percussion instruments and ukuleles available for use in class. The children also sing at whole school and syndicate assemblies.


The children from Years 3 to 8 have the opportunity to participate in the School Choir, which performs at various school and community events throughout the year.

Performing Arts

In this group the children develop skills in projection, stage presence, voice, staying in a role and lots more. Children from Years 5-8 audition to be a part of this group. Each year 12-15 children are chosen to be involved. The group work towards a stage performance for the community each year.

Rock Band

This is a student run initiative which allows children who can play a rock band instrument to work together and perform a range of songs of their choice.


Throughout the year we strive to offer a range of dance options, for example: Jump Jam, Zumba and small dance groups.


All children in the school have the opportunity to join the Kapahaka group and learn Maori songs and poi. The Kapahaka perform at school and community events throughout the year.