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Student Leaders


At Belfast School there are a number of opportunities for children to become involved in leadership.

Children can become Peer Mediators, Librarians, Sports Captains, Wet Day Monitors, Bus Monitors and Admin Monitors just to name a few.

Every year we select our Prefects Team for the coming year. The Prefects which include Head and Deputy Head Girl and Boy take part in a year long leadership course based around Sean Coveys book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens”. The Sports Captains are also included in this.

At the start of each year the Prefects Team take part in a leadership course for 2 days and attend various other events. We pride ourselves on the training that our young people receive, and feedback we have received from one high school is that our children are known for their leadership and automatically step into leadership roles when they start. For further information around leadership at Belfast School please see Ms Phillips the Senior Dean.