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Belfast School Sportzone


At Belfast School students are exposed to a wide variety of different sports that are an integral part of our whole school curriculum.

Children can be involved in sports as diverse as Sailing to Cross Country, Swimming to Bowls.

During the school year all students take part in school wide competition in Swimming, Triathlon, Cross Country and Athletics. Successful 9 year olds to 12 year olds are eligible to enter Zone competitions against other schools in our area.

The New Entrant and Junior classes are also involved in these school wide competitions which are modified to cater for the skill level of the younger children.

All senior children from Year 5 up have the opportunity to represent the school in both Winter and Summer Sports Teams that travel to Hagley Park on a weekly basis.

Added Extras at Belfast

External Sports Co-ordinator that teaches weekly skill lessons.




Belfast School Swimming Pool available for all students and for Community use after school hours through out the summer.

Close ties with Belfast Rugby Club.

Beach Education for every Year level from 2013.

Dedicated coaches, managers and parents that encourage sporting activities of all kinds.