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Enrolment Zone

Belfast School Board of Trustees Enrolment Scheme Guidelines

Automatic Right of Attendance for Students Living in the Home Zone described below:

Students whose usual place of residence is within the following geographical zone:

  • *  East side of Gardiners Road from corner of Styx Mill Road to Johns Road.
  • *  North of Johns Road from Gardiners Road to Greywacke Road.
  • *  East of Greywacke Road following Waimakariri River to Rivermouth.
  • *  South of Waimakariri River from direct and straight compass line from Greywacke Road to Coastal line.
  • *  To direct line from Heyders Road and North of Spencerville Road to Marshlands Road & Main North Road corner.
  • *  North of Spencerville Road from Marshlands Road to Lower Styx Road.
  • *  West of Marshlands Road from Main North Road to Guthries Road, excluding Chenery Road.
  • *  West of Guthries Road to Belfast Road.
  • *  South of Belfast Road from Guthries Road corner to Marshlands Road.
  • *  North of Willow View Drive and Styx River from Marshlands Road to Main North Road.
  • *  North of Styx Mill Road from Main North Road to Gardiners Road.

The side of perimeter roads closest to Belfast School are deemed to be “in zone”.

The student’s usual place of residence must be within the home zone.  The Board may require proof of residence within the home zone. 

Acceptance for Enrolment for Out of Zone Applicants will be determined by:

1.  Priority One:  Special Programmes  –  This priority category is not applicable at this school because the school does not run a special programme approved by the Secretary of Education.

2.  Priority Two:  Siblings of students currently enrolled at Belfast.

3.  Priority Three:  Siblings of former students.

4.  Priority Four:  Children of Board employees.

5.  Priority Five:  All other applicants.

If there are more applicants in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth priority groups than there are places available, selection within the priority group will be by a ballot conducted in accordance with instructions ordered by the Secretary under Section 11G(1) of the Education Act 1989.  Parents will be informed of the date of any ballot by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school.


Appropriate maps, available at the school, may be viewed to give guidance in identifying Belfast School’s geographical zone.

The Board will assist the Principal to monitor roll trends and enrolments to ensure that the application of the scheme is consistent and fair to all.

The Board expects that parents/caregivers will act within the spirit intended by this policy.

The Board reserves the right to review, amend, suspend or abandon this policy subject to the Education Amendment Act (No. 2) 1998 Sections 11J and 11K.

The decisions made by the Board and the Principal with respect to applications for enrolment and using the criteria outlined above will be final.

Chairperson – Belfast School Board of Trustees

View our zone area – Belfast School Enrolment Scheme Map

Visit http://www.tki.org.nz/Schools   Scroll down the page and on the right hand side click onto School Zones (green heading) then click onto New Zealand Schools,  this will bring up a search box at the top left of the screen where you can enter the school’s name which will bring up the enrolment map.  Instead of entering the school’s name you can enter your address to check whether you are living in our enrolment zone.