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The Ministry of Education’s Schooling Strategy states that Education is at the heart of New Zealand’s social, economic, cultural and environmental development.  It helps to shape our individual and collective cultural identities and the way we live in our environment.  Education is, therefore, central to what it means to be both a New Zealander and a global citizen in a changing world.

For Belfast School this means adhering to our motto:

Care, Share, Learn and Grow



Care:  We value and respect ourselves, others and the environment.  We provide an environment where every person is cared for and where we all care about each other, school property and school resources.  It also means that as a school we care about the children’s education and will do our best to give them the opportunity to succeed.

Share:  We empower each other through actively sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences.
We will share with each other all that we know and have in a spirit of co-operation that helps us to be tolerant of differences.

Learn:  We work together to become confident and creative lifelong learners.
We will strive to learn all that we can and will not disrupt others from learning.  The school takes seriously its responsibility to provide a balanced academic programme with an emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy.  We will also promote an atmosphere for excellence for ALL pupils within appropriate learning programmes.

Grow:  We grow independence, relationships and strive for excellence.
During your child’s time at Belfast School our goal is to see them grow into young men and women with a wide range of skills and knowledge, ready to become a responsible and contributing global citizen.

The Principal and Staff are always willing and happy to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress at Belfast School.  Please feel free to contact us to arrange a time.  We look forward to meeting your child and family to discuss their education at Belfast School.