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While the Belfast School “officially” began in 1878 there was actually a school in Belfast begun in 1859 by the Church of England on the North Road, just north of the Anglican Sunday School room.  It was used for church services on Sunday and school during the week.

In 1863 the Tancred Commission on Education found that the system of education in Canterbury to be “bad”.  As a result the Provincial Government in 1874 vested the control of education in a “Board of Education”.

The church school continued until 1877.  In 1878 a new school started on the North Road behind what is now the Belfast Museum (Headmaster’s house).  This grew to the point where an “Infant School” on a separate site was required.  Spencerville and Coutts Island schools were closed, and Kainga and Stewarts Gully were brought into Belfast.  Eventually the entire school became housed on its current site in 1938.

The roll has grown steadily over the period since then and has required a number of building projects to accommodate the roll.  The community has also raised funds that resulted in a school hall being built in 1968.

Over time there have been numerous building projects that sees the school in its current state.  With the recent growth of Belfast as a community and the school roll, we have built 11 new classrooms and an administration building in the past 5 years.