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Community Consultation:

Future options for Belfast School – Background Information

Thank you for taking the time to provide your views on two potential future options for Belfast School. Because the population in the West Belfast area is projected to continue to grow, the Ministry of Education has identified a need for additional primary schooling provision.

The Ministry’s site acquisition team has identified a number of possible sites in the West Belfast area. These sites are all larger than is usually required for a Year 1 – 8 primary school, since it is possible that Allenvale School will relocate to the site and share the site with the new school.

The potential sites that have been identified are all located within one kilometre of Belfast School, and so the Ministry of Education has approached the Board of Belfast School about its views on the new site being a second campus of Belfast School. The Board is very keen to obtain your input and feedback on the two different options:

Option 1: That Belfast School remain on its current site and carry on as usual.

Option 2: That Belfast School establish a junior campus on its current site and a senior campus on a new site in West Belfast.

Option 1 means that Belfast School would continue to operate as it currently is, educating children from Years 1 – 8 on the current site. The Ministry of Education will likely build a new Year 1 – 8 primary school in West Belfast in approximately 2020 or 2021 to accommodate the growing primary-aged population. This would mean that the current Belfast School zone would be divided approximately in half.

Option 2 means that the current Belfast School site would change to a Year 1 – 4 junior campus, and the new site would become a Year 5 – 8 senior campus of Belfast School, with the new site opening in approximately 2020 or 2021. While many aspects of the school would stay the same, there are also new opportunities for changes to Belfast School’s current way of operating and its physical spaces.

More information about the background to this process, and how a junior and senior campus model could operate is explained in the short video below. If you did not attend a face-to-face workshop, please watch this video prior to completing the survey.

Link to video:

Both options have potential advantages and disadvantages, and so the Board wants to ensure it hears your thoughts on each option. This survey provides an opportunity for you to express your opinion and help inform the final decision. Please encourage other community members to participate also, in order to ensure a wide range of viewpoints are considered.

You can take part in the survey by clicking on this link:

The survey will close on Thursday 5 April. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Gabrielle Wall on 0274 790 441or via e-mail at

Sue Elley
Principal – Tumuaki
Belfast School


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Belfast School’s latest Education Review Office (ERO) Report dated 11/06/2015: BelfastSchool-CFMD ERO Report 110615   

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